Healing Prayer

Healing Prayer, including the Laying On of Hands, is available in the side chapel during the 10:30 (9:30 during the summer) a.m. Sunday Eucharist.

The Healing Prayer Group began meeting in the fall of 2001, an outgrowth of long-range planning meetings on how to increase “spirituality” at Redeemer. In the fall of 2002, group members attended a workshop on healing at Christ Church (Episcopal) in Hackensack given by Joy Carol. Late in 2002, the group proposed to begin offering healing prayer with the laying on of hands to the congregation during communion, beginning in Lent 2003. The fear was that no one would come was immediately replaced by a new question: where should people line up? Congregational response has continued to be good, year-round, year after year.

Healing Prayer – Journey to Wholeness

Every week the 10:30 a.m. Eucharist includes healing prayer for all who want it. Some people come up every time laying-on-of-hands is offered; others may just feel a need for strength at a certain time. For those who participate, it is part of the larger mission of Redeemer to bring about justice and reconciliation. Our “journey to wholeness” must include both social change and individual healing if it is to be the way of peace.

A Definition of Healing

Christian healing is a process that involves the totality of our being: body, mind, emotion, spirit, and our social context. Every stage of our living and our dying directs us toward becoming the person God is calling us to be. Whenever we are truly open to God, some kind of healing takes place, because God yearns to bring us to wholeness.