Worship Schedule

Our building is currently closed. All services are online.

Monday – Friday, Prayer at 5:30p: by Conference Call: Dial 1-605-313-4159; when asked for the access code, enter 586562, then #

A short evening prayer service (total time, 15 minutes). We offer prayers for our nation and the world, those in authority, health care and essential workers, and all of us, as we live with illness, racism, anxiety, housing and food insecurity, uncertainty and fear.

SUNDAY, “Winter” hours (The Sunday starting on Labor Day through  Father’s Day) service is at 10:30 a.m Morning Prayer via Zoom. Email the office for details.

Kid’s Church is each Sunday at 8:30 a.m.

Zoom log-in for 10:30a on Sunday: Click here.

Or, dial in: +1 646 558 8656, use Meeting ID: 434 643 656 and Password 014435

Zoom allows us to see each other during worship, though you choose whether or not to have the camera on your phone/computer turned on. You may participate in whatever way you feel comfortable, including staying at the end for some fellowship time together at “coffee hour”. The service will appear on your screen via PowerPoint so that you can easily follow along and will include music, scripture and thoughtful reflection. It is easily accessible by those calling from landlines as well, and we are happy to put you on a mailing list to receive a paper ‘bulletin’ to more easily follow along.

Our worship reflects our vision of liberation and justice as living examples of God in action. We take the use of inclusive language–spoken and written language that intentionally avoids word use that is needlessly gender-specific–seriously as a matter of justice.