Sunday School at Redeemer is a celebration of the Creator and the Creation. It’s often loud and occasionally messy—but rarely boring! We don’t sit still very often. Stories are enacted and art is created to help us more fully understand God’s love for us and our world.

Church School rooms are on the sunny second floor of the Parish House. Church School begins at 10:30 a.m., and the students are returned to their parents in the Church building in time to receive communion as a family.

Our weekly experience is intended for kids in first grade and older. We work hard to make sure our crafts, activities, and stories are engaging and age-appropriate. We also celebrate the presence of our high-school aged friends whenever they choose to join us. They are treated with appropriate dignity, assist in the class, and are viewed as role models and heroes by our younger kids.

Each week is a self-contained experience. Our assumption is that our children and youth lead complicated lives and perhaps weren’t here the week before. A subsequent week may relate to something physical in the room that the class constructed in a previous week, but we try hard not to exclude. If you would like to follow the adventures, visit the Redeemer Church School web site.

Among the many activities Church School students will experience this year:

  • Marveling at the beauty and complexity of creation
  • Affirming the joint-tenancy of the globe that we share with all other plants and animals
  • Celebrating the existence of diversity both in the gene pool and the human family
  • Practicing our caretaking skills with each other and the world.

Our Sunday School may be of particular value to you if you are combining faiths within your family because we are nimble enough to accept suggestions from you about traditions you would like us to help our students understand and enjoy. We also provide an affirming experience for kids who come from single-parent households or families with same-sex parents.


If your child is too young for Sunday School, he or she will always be welcomed in our Sunday services. You are welcome—no, you are begged—to bring your infant or toddler to any Redeemer activity, including the Eucharist. Sleeping in the pew, standing on the cushion, and “singing” along with the hymns are all actions which help youngsters to become more comfortable within the family that is the Church. No sound a baby makes is ever out of place at Redeemer.