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Warden's Note

Wardens’ Note (week of December 4, 2023)

We are reminded that in this Advent season, each week traditionally is centered on mindfulness/reflection on 4 concepts:

  • Week 1: Hope.  Hoping for Jesus’ coming.  Hoping for a better world.  [Marked on Dec. 3rd.]
  • Week 2: Peace.  One of Jesus’ many titles, the “Prince of Peace.”  Who will make us whole.  [Marked on Dec. 10th.]
  • Week 3: Joy. The joy in Jesus’ coming.
  • Week 4: Love.  God’s love for us.

Quiet concepts to prepare for Christmas.  It doesn’t matter if you will have a goose, a chicken or a plate of brussel sprouts.  We are one community, made up of different individuals, but who gather to take a pause, worship together, and support each other.  We recognize that we may have moments that we are grappling with sadness, disappointment, anger, loss…in the midst of Advent, and that is alright.  That is part of what makes us humans.

Our “Advent” period of introspection may be longer…if you consider we will be taking stock of the community that we have built, and how we envision Redeemer evolving.

Turning to some “housekeeping” matters:

Please see the section in the E-Pistle regarding the Christmas Pageant.  Set for the morning of Sunday, December 24th, we are calling all actors, performers, helpers, viewers, listeners.  Adults and Zoom folks are encouraged to participate; parts abound.  We just need you to “RSVP” through this “button” or get in touch with Emily G.

Monday, Christmas Day, please remember that Redeemer’s physical Church will be *closed.*  [emphasis added]  In the last few years, many folks have opted at attend our Christmas Eve service.  You are welcome to visit another church, view the National Cathedral Service either online: or via their YouTube channel:  @wncathedral.  You may also enjoy the services of St. John’s the Divine Church in Manhattan ( ) and Grace Cathedral in San Francisco (

Please know that the Wardens, as well as the Vestry, appreciate your time.  We are committed to doing their best to continue to guide the church through this chapter. We value your presence, suggestions, and volunteer commitments (“ministries”). Our congregation has a diverse make-up that we wish to continue nurturing.

May you all have a day filled with peace and God’s love.

Brian Malcolm & Briceyda (“Bree”) Rodriguez-Cancio, Wardens

Vestry Members: Melissa Allman, Jennifer Corrieri, Agnes Clyne, Leslie Harden, Colleen Hintz, Carolyn Moody, Joe Sienko.