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Warden's Note

Wardens’ Note (week of May 13, 2024)

Dear folks,

Some of you may know that a few members of Redeemer are going through some challenging times right now, be it with surgery, recuperation, or the passing of a loved one.  This writer always prays for “strength and peace” during this tough times.  However, perhaps the root of these prayers can be distilled to peace and an ounce of gratitude.   Gratitude in the face of a serious surgery or death may sound a bit coarse, but this writer acutely searches for a “silver lining,” no matter how razon thin it may be.  Those feelings of peace may be fleeting but they do affect the body and soul in a positive manner.

Looking through “Simple Prayers for Complicated Lives,” by Jennifer Phillips, I think this prayer can resonate for many of us.
It is “Prayer for a Busy Life.”  Ignore the title.

God my Peace and Refreshment:

in the hubbub and haste of life,
where I feel breathless and spent,
open your stillness before me,
like a walled garden in which I may stroll
or rest beneath shade-giving trees,
breathing the fragrance of blossom,
and sensing the greening
of your Spirit within me.
Draw me into the sweet oasis of your love.

Just take a moment, to focus on something else.  Nature is ripe for contemplation.    Something to get out of a space of any negativity, anxiety, fear, sorrow, be it internal or external.  We trust in God to get us through whatever we are experiencing.

Much health and peace to you all.

Brian Malcolm & Briceyda (“Bree”) Rodriguez-Cancio, Wardens

Vestry Members: Melissa Allman, Jennifer Corrieri, Agnes Clyne, Leslie Harden, Colleen Hintz.