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Wardens’ Note (week of 02/26/24)

Wardens’ Note (week of 02/26/24)

Hello to all: As this writer reviewed prior prayers/reflections shared by Rev. Cynthia, she came across a few references to Rev. Jim Cotter, a founding member of the Gay Christian Movement in the U.K. (later known as the Lesbian & Gay Christian Movement, and today, OneBodyOneFaith).  He has a biography posted on the LGBTQ Religious Archives Network (   Many of his prayers can be found in the New Zealand Anglican prayerbooks.

Some of us are drawn to Night; others are drawn to Day.  This writer likes the contemplative nature of the darkness, in the wee hours before daybreak.  There is a “Night Prayer,” (or “Compline”) that can be found in the book “Prayer at Night’ Approaching.”

We have wounded your love:
O God, heal us.
We stumble in the darkness:
Light of the world, transfigure us.  We forget that we are your home:
Sprit of God, dwell in us.
O God of Joy, we rejoice in you…
You run to meet us like a welcoming friend,
You laugh with us in the merriment of heaven,
You feast with us at the great banquet,
Clown of clowns, Fool of fools,
The only Entertainer of Jesters.

While it is interesting to image Jesus as a Joy-bringer, Jesus is multi-faceted, no?  During this period of Lent, this is an opportunity to take stock in ourselves, in our thoughts, behaviors, beliefs and deeds.  We are also waiting, for the moment of Jesus’ rising.  Light streaming through an empty stone tomb…

Turning to some “house-keeping” matters:

  1. Bree or Debi will be reporting after the Morristown Town Meeting.  Stay tuned on Sunday.
  2. If you are interested in taking the Safe Churches training (in order to continue on with Lay Eucharistic Ministry to those homebound, or perhaps for Morning Prayer), have you started the online 3 hour (total) classes? Sandra in the office can send you an invitation through the “Praesidium” platform.  [Apparently, Google says this is the Latin term for “protection” or “guardianship.”  Delight your friends with this knowledge.]
  3. Easter flowers. Consider donating to making the Church look and smell lovely as Easter approaches.  Envelopes are available at Church or save paper and donate online!  (Just write “Easter flowers” on the Memo section. You can give online here. Forms and envelopes will be available at the Church on Sunday.
    You can download and fill out this form drop it into the collection plate with your donation or send it to the office. We appreciate your offering.
  4. Volunteers to Cross-Train (try it out!). Feel free to try (1 time, 2 times, a few times) a new volunteer action or role at Redeemer.  It helps, trust us!  Email Sandra at the office (office (at) redeemermorristown (dot) org) or speak to one of the Ushers at Church.  You might like it.  You might give another individual a few minutes of rest.  The Zoom “Meisters” especially welcome volunteers.
  5. By this time, many folks have received their W-2s from their employers. As you are filing your income taxes, if you happen to be one of the lucky few to receive a refund, please consider sharing some of that wealth with Redeemer.  These are old buildings, and the buildings and its systems need regular maintenance.

Thank you for making the time to come together to pray and meditate together, in whatever format suits you.

Brian Malcolm & Briceyda (“Bree”) Rodriguez-Cancio, Wardens

Vestry Members: Melissa Allman, Jennifer Corrieri, Agnes Clyne, Leslie Harden, Colleen Hintz, Carolyn Moody, Joe Sienko.